Friday, June 30, 2017

Sarah Palin, Talkeetna and Boondocking.....

Woke up this morning about 4:30ish to light rain and thought, "oh great.... another day without sun!" With the sun not shining was able to go back to sleep until 6:35am.  Made coffee and decided as soon as rush hour 8:00 traffic was done I would find Sarah Palin's house so Faye Costine would be proud of me!  Then I thought about it.... there is no 8:00am traffic in these small towns.  Found her address online, along with lots of unflattering things about her -- people here don't care for her too much. Found a blog with directions how to take a photo of her house since driving past it is not an option.

Off I go to Lake Lucille, in the light rain, to park and walk down to the water then out on a dock.  There her compound stood.... across the water.  In my photos, there are 2 images (one is only an enhancement of the original). House on the left is her original house and on the right is one she built in 2009. In the original photo you can see their (husband is a pilot among other talents) plane.  So, Faye..... that's the scoop other than reported marital difficulties, since before 2009, reported in this blog.

OK.... after that I drove 70 miles to Talkeetna which is the more than usual tourist town . If fact, I saw very little that was not made for tourism (except the Post Office). Town is all of 6 or 7 blocks long and 3 blocks deep.  Won't go into the prices of items...... didn't stay long there.

Then I found my PERFECT SPOT to camp -- it's so perfect, I plan to stay here 3 nights and it's FREE.  Boondocking by a river and there are about 8 other RVers here. Guy close to me looks to be in early 70's and is from Virginia. He comes out and sits -- wife (or so I assume) does not.  Anyway..... photos show Yoda III, my view from my door and the bridge I was going over when I looked over and saw this jewel of a place.  This is my camping style and why I have solar panels. Can't wait for tomorrow morning to see if there is wildlife on the other side of the river.
AND..... I have Verizon signal and can get on the internet with my Hotspot...... 

Life is good -- now if only the SUN WILL SHINE so I can take some decent photographs!!!

Palin Compound - 2 houses on right and far left is their plane.

Close up of just the 2 houses.
People keep asking what does Alaska look like in the interior -- well, reminds me a lot of Southeastern USA, lots of green and lots of trees.

Lots of bikers everywhere -- check out this girl with 2 little ones and a dog.

What started the tourism in Talkeetna -- Famous Nagley's Store

Just another gift shop and Spinach Bread kiosk

Bought me a sweatshirt here -- bit the bullet and paid the price!

Sign says it all..............
And Folks..... this is Downtown Talkeetna

Yoda III parked on the river -- FREE boondocking!  Get to use my solar panels. Gonna stay here three nights and as you can see I am not alone.

View from my door... hopefully, tomorrow the sun will shine and I can take a better photo.... it is BEAUTIFUL

This is the bridge I drove across and noticed the RVs parked along this bank -- found the road and here I am!

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  1. Palin, moved to Scottsdale, AZ and made total fools out of themselves and no one wanted them there either. I have no idea if they still live in AZ.
    Hope the sun shines tomorrow


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