Saturday, June 10, 2017

Calgary, Alberta, Canada....brrrrr

Saturday, June 10th finds us waking up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to very low 40's in temps. Crossed the border with no problem other than a long line due to one booth open. As soon as I got to the "next person holding area" of course.... they open a 2nd booth!

Arrived at Wal-Mart in Calgary to be close to Banff for our drive through. Wonderful big signs attached to every light pole in the lot advising a 3 hour maximum.  After about 4 hours (and no other RVs or trucks coming in) called Jane and said I wanted to move across the street to a strip mall as I knew I wouldn't sleep well waiting on that knock on the door. Did I tell you in an earlier blog the dash light is not working so I can see the odometer at night -- didn't figure it mattered as I would NOT be driving a night (unless a knock came and I was told to move).  Anyway, didn't see any signs on the poles at the strip mall; however, there was one at the entrance but, figured I could play dumb to that one.

A good night's sleep and up this morning to my usual 2 big cups of coffee. Waiting to see the weather.... someone on the "Alaska in 2017" Facebook page and I have been commenting back and forth and they have been at the beginning of Banff in a campground for 3 days due to weather. Not sure what that means -- thinking just rain. Will try and touch base with them this morning.

If all is well, we will head over to Banff and Lake Louise stopping at the Columbia Ice Fields Discovery Center close to Jasper for the night. According to others, it's a huge parking lot and if space is available (100 spots) you can park for the night for $16 Canadian dollars.

Border Crossing at Sweet Grass

Overnighting it in a Strip Mall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

 May be out of cell service range in the mountains.... Will post photos when I can.  It's gonna be AWESOME!!!  Oh yeah, update on windshield crack - crack has made it all the way to the end of the glass on the passenger side but the Gorilla Glue seems to be holding it in place (can't feel the crack on the inside of the cab)

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  1. We are going to Banff this August. So excited about our trip as well. Will keep an eye on your post so we can know what to see.. love to travel 👍🏼


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