Saturday, June 3, 2017

First Night at Cracker Barrel

Rolled out of Live Oak about 7:15am and drove I-75 then I-24 - went through downtown Atlanta thinking it was at a good time and I haven't seen Atlanta in decades. Up through Chattanooga then over to Nashville a almost got tangled up in a HUGE tie up in traffic due to a wreck involving 3 semi trucks and a SUV hours earlier. Found out all this information by using my brand new CB radio -- lots of chatter about it. Good thing about the CB is I followed a trucker's advice and got off the interstate then took a back road for about 20 miles before connecting with the interstate after traffic was running smoothly. Guys on the CB were saying the tie up was causing 3 hour delays..... My CB paid for itself with this one help!

Ended the night by parking in Cracker Barrel in Mt Vernon, IL and I had been thinking of chicken and dumplings all day. Just made it there (9:00pm) in time to order take out. My first night staying at a Cracker Barrel. Pretty Cool....  About 750 miles today and at 65-66mph makes a LONG day.

 Today I drove about 800 miles ending up at a Super Wal-Mart about 150 miles east of Cheyenne, WY. This Wal-Mart has a special area for truckers and RVers  -- the lot was full by the time I arrived so I parked in the regular parking lot with another RVer.  And there is free WiFi to boot !!! 

Yoda III is averaging about 10.5 miles per gallon so far and I am really enjoying the ride. Meeting up with Jane tomorrow and we will head North.


  1. Wow long days Patsy.... you're a better woman than me ...I could never do that... I'll be following you and enjoying your adventures thanks for taking us along...

  2. Bet you were at the Flying J in Cheyenne.

    1. Hey Margie, actually I was in Oguallas, NE and had a little tire problem (next blog enty). Cheyenne is tomorrow (Monday).


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