Friday, June 16, 2017

Ft. Nelson to Side of The Road and I SAW MY FIRST BEAR....

What a dreary day... well, couple of days!  Hard to enjoy the views in days like this. Our intention of driving to Toad River (only 119 miles from Ft. Nelson) fell by the wayside when we pulled off the road for the rest of the day and night. Canada has these big gravel and/or dirt pull offs on the Alaskan Highway and by night fall they have many RVs parked for the night.
Speaking of the Alaskan Highway - for those not knowing of this road let me tell you a few things. It is a 2 lane road from start to finish, imagine going over 1,200 miles on a 2 lane that is rough in many places, gravel in place and just plain dirt in places (no pavement at all -- see photo below). Speed limit is 62mph -- which is great for Yoda III; however, seldom do people pass you and it makes for a LONG trip. Many places it drops down to 50mph for lengths of 40 miles or so at a time. And on top of all that.... there are several places no pavement.... gravel.... and just plain dirt (see photo below). I kid you not.... this IS THE ALASKAN HIGHWAY. Third, am making this trip using a book called MilePost. MilePost gives everything from Mile Marker 0 to the end. One problem.... the road does NOT have any little Mile Markers -- book does NOT say you must use your odometer to keep up with this. I was NOT pleased! Thankfully, we filled up with gas in Dawson City (Mile Marker 0) and I started my trip odometer at zero to keep up with fuel use.

The Gorilla Glue is still holding the crack in my windshield (after the second application). New windshield wipers work well and has been given a work out in the past 2 days. Haven't seen the sun all day which is good when thinking of sleep as it will be dark earlier. But bad as my roof solar panels can't get charged meaning if I want heat or to use the microwave it's the generator providing the electricity. 

Gonna play a few games of solitaire on my laptop the turn in. Tomorrow is another day..... Oh yeah.... THE BEAR!  Almost forgot.... Driving down the road I saw 2 black bumps ahead in the tall grass on the side of the road and they seem to be jumping up and down. Getting closer could tell they were little bears. Slowly drove to the side of the road, rolled down the passenger window and took a couple photos. Wish I had my long lens on the camera but what I got is better than nothing -- after all, it was my FIRST BEAR sighting!   ta da....

First Bear..... taken through passenger side window.

The Alaskan Highway as the 2 lane twisting through mountains.

And yes, part of the Alaskan Highway is DIRT -- for miles!

This is our side of the road overnight spot.

And this is our view from on side of the road parking

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  1. Gorgeous ountry, somehow I missed these post earlier. I'm always wanting to see bear.. that's great!


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