Friday, June 16, 2017

Side of the Road to Liard Hot Springs, BC

It was COLD waking up at 5:30 this morning on side of the road. There was enough juice in my batteries to make coffee and did want to chance running the furnace. Turned on one stove burner and that took the chill off after letting it burn for about 45 minutes  Decided not to crank up the generator for the furnace as Jane is parked about 3 feet from my door and it would be too loud (I think she is still sleeping).   

Today is onward Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park with a couple stops along the way. Hoping we will find Verizon service somewhere before our afternoon stop for the night.  It is 6:15am now and sun is not in sight with all the low lying clouds. Just praying for sunny days (and Verizon service).  It's Thursday, June 15th and all is well. 

We cruised through Toad River and on to Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park where we parked for the night (boondocking -- no water/electricity) but they have world famous hot springs. On the way we ran into the couple that checked on me at Buckinghorse River Park yesterday morning. They appear to be around my age and are from southeast British Columbia. We exchanged names (Jerry and Tara).   Anyway, it was good to run into them.

Driving to Liard Hot Springs there was a bear (this is number 2 for me). Got a photo, looked behind me there was Jerry and Tara taking pictures of the bear. After that, we all went to Liard. Checked in and headed down the almost 1/2 mile wooden boardwalk through marsh lands to the springs. 

The hot springs were WONDERFUL. Three levels of hot and I certainly enjoyed the relaxing the hot end. Of course, Jerry and Tara were already there. Took Jane and I a little longer to get on the boardwalk. This place supposedly home to 14 different varieties of miniature orchards. Hard to see; however, had someone point one out to me. Beautiful...

This is such a nice park if you can go with electricity. Cost what is about $18 US dollars a night. Tomorrow we head to Watson Lake and according to the Verizon Coverage Map -- they have service. Plan to find a parking lot and sit for an hour or two to upload my blogs, do my telephone check in with Dianne, Debbie and Linda then log into Facebook to see what's going on without me. 

Gonna sleep good tonight after that soak in the hot springs!  Been thinking of changing the inspirational bible verse on my blog every time I go to change it I pause.... what I have now reminds me of my Mom's cousin (best friends growing up living on farms about 2 miles from each other). Elizabeth Opyd was a wonderful Christian woman with an infectious smile and laugh. She is the cousin that moved on to Heaven last month. Somehow, I just can't change it.... Elizabeth said it every time we were together. Maybe one day you will see something different.... not today!  Miss you Elizabeth. 

Boardwalk to the Hot Springs through marsh land

View from boardwalk -- almost 1/2 miles to walk.

The Hot Springs....

Sign at Campground.... really got to be on your toes about bears.

Close up of the orchard below

The itty bitty orchard that was pointed out to me.

Site #9 in Liard
Bear # 2 just taking his time walking across the road.

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