Saturday, August 26, 2017

Two Weeks Later And In North Carolina.....

Drove through Moab, Utah on my way to Cortez, Colorado and spend 5 days visiting my nieces Leslie Foster and April Maley. From there headed out for North Carolina and driving over the last steep grade Pass in Colorado.

Decided to route my drive using secondary roads instead of interstates.... I absolutely love driving through rural America and the small dwindling towns. Seeing the architecture of buildings, town homes, farms and seeing farmers out in the fields working. Just a good feelings seeing all this as I drive.

Drove through the towns of Kit Carson and Oakley (named for Annie Oakley). It was dark for Oakley so no pictures. Kansas is flat, no trees, miles and miles of farm land and HOT.

Drove through West Virginia and the mountains are so small as I compared them to the ones I've seen in Colorado. The tree line goes all the way to the top of the mountains and looking at them in the distant reminded me of clumps of broccoli.

Arrived at my place in Lizard Lick and will stay here for about 3 weeks or so before heading on home to Florida.  Gonna do some figuring and see what this Alaskan Adventure cost and will post.

View from road south of Moab, Utah

Sign says it all

Kit Carson -- 152.7 miles to Denver and 505 miles to Kansas City ( in case you can't read it on the sign)

Kit Carson Museum

Downtown Historic District (and pretty much dead area)

In case you didn't know who Kit Carson was

Stopped at this neat road side memorial honoring General George Custer and William Comstock

First church in Fort Wallace -- both families of Custer and Comstock were members.

I love the detailed workmanship of this statue.... wish the photograph showed how well it was crafted (William Comstock)

Sign about Fort Wallace   

Friday, August 11, 2017

Moving on..... James Robb State Park in Fruita, CO

Laura and I left Wolford Campground Wednesday had lunch in Silverthorne then went out different routes (she is headed down to New Mexico and I'm headed to visit Leslie and April for a week or so).

Checked into James Robb State Park in Fruita, Colorado today (Friday) for 4 nights. Nice paved roads in the campground with level concrete pads to park on, fire pit and covered picnic table with gravel area. If you don't camp you have no idea how wonderful this is. Am able to get 30 tv stations with my antenna -- which is GREAT as rain is expected every afternoon (and that is good as it keeps the temps down).

Supposedly, the Dinosaur Museum is within walking distance..... we'll see tomorrow. Great mountain views -- only thing I don't like is.... showers are NOT free. It's $1 for 4 minutes then 25 cent for each minute thereafter -- and this is on top of a $7 daily vehicle fee that is in addition to $24 daily camping rate (and a $10 reservation fee). This is probably the most expensive State Park I've stayed in. Just glad I can shower in Yoda III.

Wolford Campground -- we are parked on the water

My site for 4 days... great views when afternoon storms came through

My view after a storm passed -- sun was setting

We saw rainbows each afternoon after the storms -- sometimes a double rainbow

Early morning view as I was packing up to leave

My site at James Robb State Park -- site 26

View from my site at James Robb State Park

An OLD RV I saw sitting in a service shop parking lot

More buttons and switches than I would know what to do with.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Change In Plans...

Spoke with my niece this mornin, she is leaving her vacation in Florida returning home in Cortez, Colorado sooner than expected. Thankfully, I'm in a part of Colorado that will make visiting her about 600 miles roundtrip out of my exit plans for Colorado. Gonna stay a week or so with her then will use my same route (I-70 & I-64) heading to North Carolina.

Weather here is great!  Nights down in the 40's and highs during the day are mid 70's. Been cloudy a lot with afternoon winds and rain. It's been very peaceful camping on the water for a few days -- at least today is. The week-end had a lot of families that were loud in both voice and music. Will leave here Wednesday morning and head west then south for Cortez. Made reservations in a State Park as Leslie isn't due to be home until the 15th.

Yoda III camped water side

My view from picnic table.