Friday, August 4, 2017

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson and Rock Springs, WY...

Left St. Regis Campground headed for Yellowstone National Forest and stayed 2 nights. Thursday, August 3rd we left early heading to Yellowstone to see the sights. Long day of driving and sight-seeing!

Entered Yellowstone on the West side, drove by Old Faithful, then down through the Grand Tetons, through Jackson and ended up very late in the day at Rock Springs for the night. Beautiful scenery and Jackson is a lot like my writings of Jasper in British Columbia.... tourist attraction and driving a RV though is not easy -- plus NO parking for RVs that we could find so we just drove through. Took a couple photos but only when I stopped at red lights.

Leaving today for Craig, Colorado for the night as Laura's RV needs some attention and she found someone open tomorrow (Saturday) close by there.  Beginning to get my route together for heading to North Carolina. 

Will edit this post later on today or early evening with more photos as I haven't transferred from camera yet.  EDITED:  Have tried many times to update and add photos. Evidently, there is no enough hotspot coverage to upload photos.  Will do as soon as I have better service.

My camp site in Yellowstone National Forest

West Yellowstone Town

Again, West Yellowstone

Was surprised to see these people at Old Faithful's viewing stands -- Amish, I reckon.

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