Saturday, August 5, 2017

Catching Up With Photos From Wyoming....

Gonna try again to post my photos and tomorrow with blog again. Am in Colorado now.

West Yellowstone -- built for tourist

More West Yellowstone

This is a 1938 Bus built by White Motor Company and used to meet the Old Milwaukee Railroad at Gallatin Gateway Inn. Holds 14 passengers and 13 quarts of oil. In the background is a water hauler.

By January of 1906, the entire alignment for the railroad from St. Anthony to West Yellowstone was established. Shortly thereafter, the site of the station grounds for the rail terminal was proposed for a location in the Madison Forest Reserve (now the Gallatin National Forest), next to Yellowstone National Park's western boundary.

Madison River in Yellowstone -- Major Salmon Fishing Area

Little Geysers EVERYWHERE

On both sides of the road.

I thought these were unlikely toursit

Old Faithful just letting off steam....

Old Faithful starting to blow -- you can see the white stream in the middle

Grand Tetons... hazy day.... lots of smoke hanging around.

Grand Tetons... sign states they are still growing!

Grand Tetons taken on the road.

Just driving in Wyoming.

Again... Grand Tetons in the haze.

Jackson, Wyoming -- Antlers Walkway to the Park. Jackson was so busy we could not park anywhere so I could only take pictures while stopped at a light.

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson Stores

Other side of park with antler walkway.

Took forever to find a place to eat after leaving Jackson.... this is a cafe -- food was so so.

Cafe sign and seeing this I thought.... WOW, this will be a great little place to eat! Not my best thought.

View from behind cafe.... that was good!

Tomorrow update on Steamboat Springs and settling into the campground nestled in the mountains.

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  1. a lot of familiar sites there...and we ate at that very restaurant several years back.. We also had a cattle drive coming down the road toward us and had to stop and wait for the cattle and cowboys to pass.
    I absolutely love it out there. There is a wild game restaurant in Jackson (I think) we ate at. had a lot of wild game dishes.. I'm loving your vacation. :)


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