Thursday, August 3, 2017

Better Be Glad Santa Uses A Sleigh....

Long day driving and will update tomorrow with pictures. But..... I do have something to write about tonight.

Last month, July 10th to be exact, I was in  North Pole (Alaska) and had a package mailed from the Post Office to Wake Forest, NC. Remember..... July 10th.... inside the package were two Peppa Pigs for Rosie and Shane (shipped to Grandma Dianne's house). I admit the package was shipped ground instead of Priority as that was a flat $50.00 (more than the Peppa Pigs). Ground was $20.00 and was told it would more than likely take 2 weeks.... o'kay, that was fine with me.  

The package arrived yesterday....August 2nd!!! So when they said GROUND... they meant it probably would not see the inside of any airplane. 

All I can say is.... be glad Santa used his sleigh on his once a year ride.... using the Post Office would have lots of sad little boys and girls around the world.

At least now..... almost a month later.... Rosie and Shane have their Peppa Pigs.

More tomorrow.....Here is a little teaser of where I went...

A whole lot of Geysers blowing off steam on my way to Yellowstone

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