Saturday, July 29, 2017

Back In The Good Ole U. S. of A.....

Left the Lake Louise OverFlow Bus Parking area early Thursday morning and drove highway 95/93 south to highway 3 in order to cross the border into Idaho. Of all the roads I've been on this was the most stunning in views. Maybe it had something to do with the eerie nature of smoke from the wildfires with the sun rising. Whatever it was, as I rounded every corner there was another reason to thank God (out loud) for the blessing to view his handiwork.

I have friends, Jan and Sarah, who will be making a trip here soon. Sarah, you have GOT to drive this road -- I know you will have the same feeling as I did. Stop at the rest area on hwy 93, I marked the coordinates for you....  51.025351, -115.982434 (be sure to save it).

Spent the night in Ponderay, Idaho and filled up with gas at $2.34 a gallon, ate at Cracker Barrel and although am glad to have had this adventure -- there is something about being in the USA.  Drove to St. Regis, Montana and checked into a campground.... with a pool and gonna spend 4 nights here waiting on my friends (Laura) to arrive. We plan to drive east then south to see Yellowstone and Jackson, Wyoming. The temperatures are getting hot, when it's around 90 and you are in a tin can (so to speak) it really is hot. The a/c doesn't work as one does in your home and I don't want to run it all day and night. Night time, after the sun goes down, it does cool off and thankfully there is no humidity like Florida or North Carolina. Sooo, will be following cooler weather down through the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado then probably head east on I-70 to North Carolina.

It's 7:15am Saturday morning, I put a roast in the crock pot, am sitting outside drinking coffee and typing this on my laptop. It's quiet in the campground, can see others sitting outside drinking coffee, a couple are walking (1/4 mile loop around campground), birds are chirping, squirrels running and dashing up trees, sun is up but not shinning over the mountains yet and I feel all is right with the world.

Spent the night in the Bus OverFlow Parking Area (along with about 20 other RVers)

Leaving the OverFlow Parking Area.... BEAUTIFUL morning!

Just shots as I drive....

You can see the smoke from the wildfires.

Another to show you the wildfire smoke drifting in.


Getting away from ice capped mountains.

I wish the colors would show you the pretty water colors.

Tried again to capture the colors.... reckon, it's something you have to see in person.

Sun coming up in an area that was caught in a wildfire last year.... haze is from current wildfires.

I love the mountains....

BEAUTIFUL rest area on Hwy 93... Sarah this is the one you need to visit.

Another view of RestArea
 Not sure this video will play... adding it anyway... It's of the Rest Area

Yoda III nestled in the tree at St. Regis Campground in Montana

Campground has lots of cute things dotted all around for a comfy atmosphere.

Every campsite has several wood sculptures -- they must have spent a small fortune on these.

One of the sculptures by my site.

Until Next Time........... which will be a few days away.


  1. So much to see. So sad to see the burned out forest and to know there is another one. In the video you can see the color of the water what a beautiful color

  2. Oh my goodness, I got chill bumps just looking at those pics. We will definitely drive that highway.. We are all about beautiful views. I love to ride and see GODS handiwork also. HE gave us such beauty here, can't even imagine what Heaven will be like. I will probably refer back to you blog along our trip and try not to miss anything. Thanks :)


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