Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pioneer Park - Day 2....

It was rather warm in Fairbanks yesterday -- had to actually run on a/c before going to bed. Before I fell asleep it started to rain and that always lulls me to sleep (and cooled off Yoda). Woke up this morning and walked around Pioneer Park before the crowds filtered in. Lots of little shops and several museums plus a boardwalk around the Chena River running beside the park. 

They were having a 5K run ending up at the park with a big time clock, dressed up lady at the end clapping for everyone that made it to the end (photo below).  

Tried something new for breakfast -- Spinach Pie which is chopped spinach, sautéed in olive oil with selected seasonings, scallions and feta, baked between layers of Filo (wafer thin pastry leaves). It was pretty good but I will keep to my usual breakfast stuff. 

Started getting warm so I'm back in Yoda with the a/c going and think it's time for a nap.  Geez, you must be bored reading all this......

Beautiful dog.... just waiting on his master to stop shopping!

Lady at end of 5K Run.... Debbie think she looks like a Viking.... Has to be Alaskan SOMETHING!

Park has pretty flowers EVERYWHERE.

My breakfast.... Spinach Pie -- reminded me of my brother Dave who makes the best spinach dish.

Historic Military Plane on Display

More garden flowers

The Lady of The River all 1,028 tons and 237 feet top to bottom. She was in servicde 1933-1954
Southeast Eskimo built sod houses -- this is a replic. I always thought all native eskimos lived in igloos in time past. Until I came to alaska and realized they have a warm summer with no ice or snow in the east.


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