Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cantwell RV Park.... Day 3

Updates:  Crack in windshield still holding with Gorilla Glue and the 3 chips have no grown -- yipppeeee!  These roads have made ole Yoda III creak and groan more driving down the road. Yesterday, I found a screw on the floor when I was cleaning -- Lord only know where it came from. All this wear and tear has made me wonder.... perhaps, I should look into selling Yoda III and getting something a tad larger (not much) with facilities allowing another person to go with me and each have comfortable and private quarters. I hear the gasp as you read this!!!  Sell Yoda III?  Well, it's a thought.

Sun is out this morning after a dismal start and project are rain early afternoon. As I'm leaving the campground tomorrow morning went ahead and did the job everyone hates..... dump the tanks!  That way, I'll just have coffee a shower and head out in the morning. Tomorrow is cruising down Denali Highway and hopefully..... hopefully.... the weather will be good enough to see fantastic views. Not sure where I'll end up tomorrow -- could be Fairbanks for a couple days. There is Pioneer Park in Fairbanks I want to see and a restaurant to try. 

From there...... on to the NORTH POLE!  Gonna see Santa and get some goodies for Rosie and Shane (if he knows they've been good so far this year).  

Ran into the couple that Jane (the lady I originally drove up with) and I parted way and she went to Dawson City with.  Long sentenace.... anyway, they are in this RV Park. We chatted a bit last night -- have no idea where Jane is. 

Trying to decide if I want to drive down to Haines and take the Ferry over to Skagway for the last bit of my Alaskan trip. From there would head into Canada. Doing this will add 100 miles to my trip, ferry cost about $135 plus a campground night or two about $40 a night. It will end my Alaska tour.  Think I will leave it up to the Man Upstairs.... if it is raining when I get to the turning point -- will NOT go.... Sun is shining... will head down to Haines.  Good way to make a decision?

Today is cleaning Yoda III inside.... you can't believe the dirt and dust that accumulates daily. Already making plans with my Facebook Women's RV Group to meet a few in Washington and Oregon. That will be nice. Plan to cruise on over to Colorado to visit Leslie and April in Cortez (Brenda's daughters). Thinking real hard about heading to North Carolina before heading to Florida.  Can Yoda III take the extra 800 miles swinging to NC then FL?

Ahhhh, the ability to have options!!!

Campground at 11:45pm

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  1. I'm pretty jealous of your travels, I love RVing and hope We can do a lot more of it in a few years. You are pretty courageous. Happy Trails..


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