Friday, July 21, 2017

Good Roads.... FINALLY....

The 230 miles from Smithers to Prince George put distance between me and snow/ice mountain tops. It also presented good roads and the landscaped moved to  anagricultural setting. Saw lot of cows, a few pigs and acres of hay in the process of getting rolled into bales. Also saw a couple small caribou (don't know what you called little caribou) but not in time to take a photo.

In Smithers had an ice cold root beer in a mug at the A&W -- memories of my youth. For those from Live Oak the photo below will mean something. Not the same as when we were growing up but still, it's an A&W which, as I've said in earlier posts, a big franchise in Canada. Can you see the "Grandpa Burger" on the A&W sign?

Am staying 4 nights at the campground in Prince George as I wait for more news on the wildfires. The road in my original plan is still closed so it looks like it's Plan B for me going to Washington and Oregon.

Maybe Live Oak needs another A&W

My camping spot in Smithers, BC

My own little Garden

Glacier view from my bedroom window

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  1. A&W was my favorite as a teen. Haven't seen one in years. Nice view from you bedroom.


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