Thursday, July 27, 2017

Prince George to Lake Louise, AB

First of all, I have seen all types of RVs in the past 2 months but.... now, I have seen the smallest Class C RV (photo below) and the couple was from Chile (as in SOUTH AMERICA).  Man, they have covered a LOT of miles in that itty bitty thing!

Plan was to drive to Jasper, BC and see the town then spend the night there. Horrors!!!  I will NEVER drive a RV in that town made for tourists (not to mention try to get into a service station). Pedestrians have the right of way and most don't use the cross walks so I was dodging people and traffic. You would have thought it was a major holiday with the amount of people and NO parking anywhere!  Spent a hour there and that was just driving in, waiting on a train (25 minutes), circling a service station several times until I could get in, pump gas then get out of town.

Decided to head to the ice fields and spend the night and when I got there..... no Verizon coverage so that ended that and off I went.... again. Found a place at Lake Louise in the over flow bus parking lot (me and about 15 other RVers).

Beautiful drive.... getting closer to leaving Canada..... and looking forward to USA gas prices!!! 

See how little this is.... fits in a regular parking space -- I bet it's no longer than my SUV!

From Chile....

Prince George celebrates being 150 years old with these cute little Penguins everywhere

Debbie, this is for YOU.... Bales of hay for as far as the eye can see!

I thought these jagged mountains were pretty.

Doesn't get better than this. Wish the sky had been a dark blue.

Another view of same lake with bridge in background

Water was more tourquise than blue... Stunning in person!

Lone Kayaker enjoying the solitude.....

Takes all kinds.... eating dinner on TOP of the RV -- by the way, for those who don't know.... RV roofs are NOT made for this!

IceFields.... sure look different than when I came through in June.

Another shot of the IceFields.... see the bus in the lower left? For $60 it will ride you to the top and back

Showing the Snow/Ice thickness on top of a moutain.

Coming out of the IceFields and on to Lake Louise

First lake as I get closer to Lake Louise.

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  1. the pics are so gorgeous. We leave to go meet friends on the 12th and leave from Minnesota on the 18th headed for Canada on our trikes. so excited. !!!!


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