Monday, July 10, 2017

It's Monday and I was in the NORTH POLE.....

Woke up to..... wait for it..... RAIN!  Lasted until 4:30pm and no blue skies or sun after that. Geez, I'm really getting tired of this weather. Decided to visit North Pole before going to H&H Repair to have the repair work done on Yoda III.

Didn't get to see Santa but did see The Chair. Huge Store/Workshop loaded with all kinda of trinkets and for the right price could be yours. Went by the Post Office to mail some packages so they would have NORTH POLE postage sticker. Note to self..... anything mailed from Alaska to the Lower 48 cost a small fortune!

Spent the afternoon at H&H Repair plugged in and watched TV. There was a Florida couple waiting on their RV to be repaired and they were fixed and ready to roll before closing. That means tomorrow morning Yoda will roll into the bay and work will begin. Will probably take 2 days.

The Screamin' Weasle -- or as I like to tell the little ones in my family -- this is an Elf Family's House.

Notice the little entrance cut out (on the far right) -- it's for little ones to enter (have no idea how big people get back there 'cause there was no way for me to get in and take a photo) Wasn't open while I was there -- so don't ask what it is.

Santa's statue getting worked on -- have no idea how tall he is... but TALL.

Santa's Workshop and it's blocked off (white fence) as they are adding on.

Close up of the Workshop/Store

At entrance to Workshop/Store

Santa's Chair....

Even Santa knows the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON....

Of course.... The Elf

Jolly Old Man Winter

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