Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No Bear Watching.... And Wildfires Keep On Burning....

I drove to Stewart, British Columbia and viewed another spectacular sight Salmon Glacier along the drive. The Salmon Glacier, the fifth largest in Canada, is a remnant of that last great age of glaciers.

Drove through Stewart then on to Hyder (which is actually right over the border and in Alaska). Hyder is called the "Ghost Town" and if you drove through it would see why. In 2010 the  population was 87 and is the eastern most town in Alaska. Notable thing about Hyder is during an Independence Day fireworks display, couple years back, the organizers accidentally burned down their fire hall with the fire engine inside. One way in and same way out (with a Canadian Border crossing to be processed through). Hyder is visited by masses due to the Fish Creek Bear Viewing Area in the Salmon River. Huge boardwalk over Salmon River allowing people to watch bears below catch Salmon. Salmon begins running  mid July and runs about a month -- I went on the 16th and the Salmon had not started running yet -- so NO bears to watch.

Did eat at The Bus in Hyder.... wickedly cool place to eat with seafood as fresh as it gets. Lady cooks each order one at a time (so the wait can be long -- mine was about 40 minutes). Husband does the catching and wife does the cooking. Seafood is never any more than 12 hours out of the water. And it was WONDERFUL -- had 6 shrimp and 1 halibut ($18.00) and was incredible. The Bus serves daily until the seafood runs out.

The drive was awesome! Stayed the night in the parking lot of New Hazelton Visitor's Center (again.... was not alone camping). 

And am here at Glacier View RV Park in Smithers... could actually get a couple TV channels with my antenna!  Watched a couple of my soaps, Y&R and B&B -- I've missed some things but easy to catch up. Staying here until tomorrow when I head on over to Prince George (about 250 miles away) and will stay until the 24th.

Checked the wildfires situation this morning and they are no better today.  British Columbia remains under a state of emergency as 159 wildfires continue to burn across the province. Almost 40,000 people have now been displaced as one of the worst wildfire seasons in the province's  history continues. 

Salmon Glacier view from the highway (on a hazy day)

Close up and waited for sun to drift over between the clouds -- can you see the Blue Turquoise color in the Glacier?

Downtown Stewart, British Columbia -- no traffic lights!

Welcome to Hyder.... downtown....

The Bus.... Wonderful food... just can't say enough about it.

Beside The Bus.... Owners live in this house.

Leaving Hyder.... Told ya it was a "Ghost Town" -- Canadian Crossing Stop in the lower right side

Yep... really Royal Canadian Mounted Police -- tried to find one to take a photo of but never did.

Sculpture dedicated to the Bears at The River (has a fish in his mouth).

Just another beautiful view on the drive.

At the Hazelton Visitor's Center.... Dedication to the pioneers of this area.

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  1. Your adventure is really making me want to go there also. Looks amazing. Love the story.


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