Monday, July 17, 2017

I Hate Not Having Cell Coverage.....

Left Whitehorse, in the Yukon, Saturday morning.... well, seems like a long time ago when in fact it was just yesterday! Planned to drive about 305 miles to a place picked out for an overnight stop. When I got there didn't stay 'cause I just had this feeling.... so off I went.... and went.... and went... finally stopped about 150 miles later. Will be in British Columbia, Canada for at least another week.

Cassair Highway is, like all others here, a two lane. It is a main highway as there are only 2 highways coming north from Northwest USA unless you go all the way to Montana.  Road is gravel for the most part, no lines and is about 600 or 700 miles long.  Before you go.... Whew, that's a long two lane.... remember I have not been on an interstate or four lane road in the past 7,000 miles!!!  Unlike the eastern part of USA the traffic is almost nothing!  I LOVE it. I didn't mention it is was I call a Ribbon Highway, lots of hills and steep grades. Again... I LOVE this highway... it was FUN and you could go "Weeeeee" coasting down the hills. 

Of course, it goes without saying... rain off and on... you can tell in the pictures below.

Will have Verizon coverage tomorrow so I will finish this blog with what I did today after checking into an RV Park tomorrow.  

But for now.... am tired but, want to post this.  The wildfires are still out of control and I am in hopes things will change before this time next week when I need to make a decision which direction to go.

Leaving Whitehorse, Yukon Territory... right before the rain started

Cassair Highway.... Ribbon Highway... Up and Down... just a gravel road.

Another view on the Cassair Highway

And Another View.... You now understand why I love to drive. BEAUTIFUL

OK.... I will stop

Where I parked for the night.

And NO I never camp alone... my neighbor and me

How would you like to wake up to this?

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  1. So much beauty of course I guess when the rain has been a daily event no matter how beautiful the mountains look it can get very old.
    I always make sure I am comfortable with the area around me too, if it doesn't feel right move on.


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