Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bye Bye Alaska.... Yukon & Canada Here I come.....

Left on a cloudy, low hanging clouds, off and on light rainy morning headed to the Canada Border. Stopped in Delta Junction and ate lunch at Buckshot Betty's Road House in Beaver Creek (Yukon Territory). When ya don't know exactly what things are.... my always go to is a hamburger. The Delta Junction Visitor Center had large mosquito structures outside paying tribute to the HUGE mosquitoes Alaska has. One good thing about all the rain, for me that is, didn't deal with many mosquitoes.

Drive down to Whitehorse was nice.... cloudy and not able to take good pictures of the mountains with snow (in the middle of July -- amazing). Spent the night in a pull-off with 2 other RVers.  I LOVE to drive and see the incredible world God made -- never play the radio or listen to anything as it's a distraction to me.  Just me, the road, the view and my thoughts. Man, I am in heaven........

Stopped to photograph a memorial made by a father for his son. Doug Twiss arrived in the Yukon when he was 16. He resided with the White River First Nation people. At the age of 17, Doug was inspired by an Elder carver and began woodworking, he began stone carving in 2003. His first large scale is a memorial he designed and built for his late son in 2006, 100 feet in diameter showcasing 16 stone carvings just off the Alaska Highway between Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing.

Saw a big bear early this morning after leaving Destruction Bay. He was on the passenger side and no one was behind me so I stopped, rolled down the window and snapped a photo as he was coming toward Yoda (not in a mean way.... just a stroll). Decided when he got close enough to swipe off my passenger side outside mirror I would move on.  Already had that swiped off once.... last year on another trip. As I was going down the road, thought to myself.... "Nope, not gonna leave.... want a good picture of that bear". Turned around and went back.... this time he was on the driver side so I could stop and take a picture without getting out of the RV.  Pictures do not do justice.... this bad boy was big.

So here I am in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory with 95% of the bad roads behind me. Drove much slower coming back than I did going up.... paying $3,157 for a repair does that to ya!  Gonna stay here maybe 2 days and plan my route to the USA.  Wildfires are all over in British Columbia so right now not sure where I'll head .... will go to Washington and Oregon if I can get through (3 roads are closed now). A lot can happen in a week.  If the roads are still closed in 7-10 days will head east.

I know I've sounded like Alaska was a waste of money..... am glad I came!  It's a good thought to know I jumped in a vehicle and drove to Alaska pretty much on my own. 

It's started to rain here..... gonna take a snooze!  Oh yeah... East Coast is now only 3 hours behind me in time!  ta da

Mile Marker for the end of the Alaskan Highway -- Dawson Creek to Delta Juction (headed North)

Ode to the Mosquitoes....

Yoda III parked in Delta Junction, Alaska

Buckshot Betty's Road House -- Lunch

Hard to see but there a many snow covered mountains in the distant

My parking spot for the night on Destruction Bay

Others parking with me -- I never park alone for the night.

Late evening.... see the snow capped mountain (and rain clouds).

First encounter with Mr. Bear

Turned around and drove back to get this shot.

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  1. I see so much beauty in your pictures even with the rain and heavy clouds. I heard the skeeters are about as big as the sculptures haha. The bear IS BIG! Enjoy the return trip.


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