Friday, July 14, 2017

Last Day With Cell and Internet For A Few Days

Still in Whitehorse as I have Verizon coverage and spending the day checking my financial accounts online making sure all is as they should be. Will leave in the morning headed out of the Yukon and into British Columbia. Want to go by Hyder-Stewart which is right on the Alaska Border to visit Fish Creek and watch the bears feed on salmon (Forestry Service has a nice platform high over the river to watch from). 

From there will slowly head toward Prince George and spend 3 or 4 nights to plan my next route. As of this morning the Canada Wildfires are still out of control. The highway in my original plan is closed making me select a "Plan B". I don't mind Plan B as it adds about 100 more miles of scenic views and will end me up close to the Washington Coast. Just hope Plan B highways stay open..... if they close, they only route left for me is back to Jasper and Banf which will put me on a path NOT going to Washington/Oregon area.  Just have to wait and see........

When I leave tomorrow morning will be out of Verizon coverage area until I get to Bear RV Park in Stewart. I have friends there today viewing the bears -- will be anxious to hear their thoughts and if the salmon are running (otherwise, bears won't be at the river). Don't look for any updates until around Tuesday (18th).

Think I'll drive downtown to the Visitor's Center, walk on the River Boardwalk, have lunch then check my finances.  The sun is shining although rain is in the forecast for later this afternoon.  Not much more to write about............

My route from Whitehorse to Prince George. The time is faster than the roads and me driving allow. Will be staying a couple nights in Stewart maybe 1 night in Smithers and 3 or 4 nights in Prince George

Just hope I don't need to make a Plan C. The wildfires seem to be all NorthWest of Kamloops -- for now.

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  1. Hope all goes well on this next part of the journey. Maybe the salmon are running and bears will be feeding. Be Safe


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