Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cantwell.... Day 2

Woke up about 5:45am to little rain drops hitting Yoda III's roof. However, by 6:00 it had stopped leaving a dismal cloudy sky with no blue in sight (or sun). It's now noon -- still no blue sky or sun..... or rain! Saw some clouds drift a little, about 30 minutes, ago and saw the campground has mountains on 2 sides. Could see the tops as the clouds drifted then more clouds drifted in and there goes that view!

Campground has signs up about their 4th of July Bar-B-Cue today and I was gonna head up there with my baked beans. Even though I'm not fond of being around people I don't know, was more interested in the type of meat was being served as I'm sure it isn't beef. As I was strolling around this morning stopped in the office for some change and asked about the bar-b-cue only to hear, "oh, we're gonna have hamburgers and hot dogs". Well, that ain't special to me.... geez, they ought to have that on the signs!  So, don't think I will attend as I have my own hamburgers.

Spent the morning making my homeward route and am getting excited about getting back into Canada. The lack of sunshine, terrible roads and rainy days haven't made this trip the adventure I was thinking of. So, I will get back to sunshine, good roads, less rain and beautiful mountain regions and enjoy the adventure as it should be enjoyed.

Ta Da.............


The sun DID come out.....

The Campground..... mountain in front.

My view behind me..... jusg beginning to break with clouds

The little cabin I told you the lady I met, forgot her name, lives in here. Talk about a "little house".

Side view..... taken at same time but no blue skies or sun, yet.

EDITED 6:03pm    The blue skies went away and darkness fell (and I want to put "upon the face of the earth" but I know it's just HERE)..... and the RAIN came!!!

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  1. So sorry this trip to Alaska was pretty much rained out. But looking ahead sounds right.


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