Friday, July 7, 2017

Good News.... And Not So Good New....

Good News: I'm in Fairbanks and 15 miles from NORTH POLE.... ta da! And finally hit summertime in Alaska -- the interior part of Alaska is in the 80's.

Left Cantwell RV Park in a light rain knowing the driving would not be scenic for the 152 miles to Fairbanks. Lo and Behold about 30 miles down the road the rain stops and blue skies begin to show in some places. It was looking up..... and a great drive!  

Have been hearing this noise..... at first I thought it was the engine and knew that wasn't it when the noise would not be there if I wasn't rolling. So... I figured it was tire related. And to be honest, I've noticed the noise for the past couple hundred miles or so. Decided I needed to have it checked out before heading out of Alaska as Canada has too many areas of no cell service.

Not So Good News:  It's not the tires..... apparently (and it went over my head as he was explaining and showing me bits of metal) I have a good bit of metal in my rear differential and something else. Anyway, they are ordering parts to rebuild whatever it is that needs rebuilding. Supposed to call me today (it's 5:15pm Alaska time now) with cost of parts and hopefully labor. He did say I was looking at around $2,500. That being said..... what option do I have?

First thing you ask is.... how well do I like this place working on Yoda.  Actually, I went to a Tire Service Center first and they didn't have a lift large enough -- they recommended H&H. Checked online and H&H has good reputation points AND when I pulled in there were at least 8 other RVs there waiting to be worked on. So, I feel good.

Hopefully, the parts will be in sometime Monday and it will take a full day (if not longer he said) to do the work. Am staying a Pioneer Park for the week-end and Monday morning will go to H&H -- if they aren't ready for me will stay in his yard (behind a locked fence) and hooked up to his electricity.

I am fine..... this is just a little bump in my, and Yoda III's, life.

Stay Tuned...... at least for the cost of this situation.

This is how it looked leaving Cantwell RV Park

This is Denali Mountains.....
Another View of Denali

This is a cool FREE Park -- no entrance fee and you can stay over night in the parking lot for $12 a night and that's where I am (ya just gotta love Solar Panels)

Cool Sign with mileage markers

A lot of these building were built in the early 1900's (of course spruced up to makes stores) I waited FOREVER to take these photos without people milling around messing up my shot.

More tourist stuff.... these are new buildings.

See the train on the left.  It's a FREE ride around the park -- will do this tomorrow.

And I had lunch at Mama Grizzly's Grill -- pretty good!!!

This cabin was built in 1902 by two Finnish brothers (dog sled on top was a cute touch).

Saloon serves soft drives and lemonade!!!


  1. So sorry you are having problems and expenses on Yoda III. Goes with the RVing lifestyle. You seem to have a good attitude about it. You photos are great. Just now catching up on your blog.

  2. Absolutely love this town. Sorry about the trouble. At least the sun is shining hope it stays that way for the rest of this journey.


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