Monday, July 3, 2017

Cantwell......... In The RAIN.... will it ever stop?

Monday, July 3rd .....  Just in case anyone is wondering..... IT IS STILL RAINING!!! 

Checked into Cantwell RV Park and guess who I ran into..... the couple from Virginia that camped next to me on the River Bank!  We reminisced about how loud the ATVs were all hours of the night and they couldn't sleep either.  Met another lady.... already forgot her name... anyway, she lives here at the Park in a little cabin.

I did 2 loads of laundry ($3.00 to wash and $2.00 to dry one load) costing me $10.00 -- they have a captive audience with this. Used their hot showers for a long shower and washed my hair (limit on door states no more than 45 minutes in shower -- to me, that's a LONG time). Grabbed a book out of their little library and after I finish this will starting reading. It is so good to be here (with hot showers, laundry, and full hookups). Tomorrow they are having a Bar-B-Cue PotLuck dinner for everyone which ought to be interesting. Wonder what kind of meat they will cook?  I'm taking baked beans -- ya know, Bushes Maple Honey Baked Beans in the can dumped in a crock pot.

Wish my photographs were better........ wish the sun would shine........ People that have already left Alaska are commenting on Facebook how the weather is 100% better in Canada and the views are beautiful.  Am beginning to looks forward to that drive.

Hurricane Gulch -- can't walk on bridge so I turned around and stopped in the midle to take this.  I sure wish you could see how pretty this really is.

Hurricane Gulch Bridge

Just another beautiful view that I could NOT see

This was interesting..... One man's dream to build a hotel in the shape of an Igloo.  It was never finished and sits boarded up.

Signs on the road state this is one of the most photographed sight on Denali Highway -- wouldn't it be great if we could see what is so wonderful about it?

 I'm going to go read a book..............


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  1. Enjoying your post, I hope you start getting more sunshine... I know it is beautiful and pictures never do the real thing justice but they sure help us to reminisce. Jan and I can't remember things and I pull out my pics and it helps a lot. Sad that the Igloo hotel didn't make is interesting. I'm sure you'll meet lots of people at the pot luck, Jan talks more to people at our campsites than any other time. Lol. I tease him about making friends with all the campground people. But they all are really nice that we've encountered. If you haven't see Crater Lake, it's pretty amazing also.


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