Sunday, July 2, 2017

And On To Denali..... In The Rain.....

Sunday,  July 2nd .....  What a night!!!  I've figured out people are coming here to have fun for the week-end and more than likely on into the 4th of July meaning Monday, Tuesday and maybe more. And by fun.... I mean they are running up and down the bank on ATVs well past midnight ('cause it ain't dark) leaving those who want to try and sleep irritated (like ME). Not to mention, around midmight, came fireworks and it's not 4th of July yet!  The big boom kinda -- pretty but LOUD!

Yesterday afternoon I saw someone drive in with FLORIDA plates.... the excitement of seeing that.... oh my! Didn't want to waste time putting on socks and walking shoes just jumped into my flip flops (big mistake on road with lots of large rocks). Introduced myself and we chatted for a bit-- they were from Deerpark or something and are traveling..... hitting all the National Parks in USA, Canada and South America. Said they have a 3 year plan (and must have some bucks to do it with -- they appear to be in their late 40's). 

Winds kicked up a lot yesterday, making it real dusty and the ATVers did help the sand flying everywhere,  light rains came about 8:00pm. That didn't stop the ATVers -- nothing did!!! This morning work up to light rain and clouds (I would not want to live here). Made a pot of coffee and noticed coffee running everywhere but in the pot and the grounds were all over the countertop so I figure, "Great.... 200 miles from a Wal-Mart, in the Alaska wilderness and my coffee pot breaks --- just throw me to the bears!" Cleaned up the mess and tried again... said a little prayer right before hitting the button and it worked perfectly.  Thank you GOD.

Decided I've had enough of "family fun and ATVers" so I packed up and pulled out heading toward Denali National Park. When I was growing up this was called Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. The people from Virginia left this morning, also. Drove in light rain but lots of low hanging clouds so it was impossible to see the mountains. Decided I didn't want to drive through the whole park area and not see anything so I pulled off to spend the afternoon and night. After all, Denali National Park is one of the main reasons Alaska is on some many bucket lists.

Was given some sage advice about pulling off the road to spend a night. First, decide your general location (Denali) then find a signal on your phone then locate your pull off location. There were several on the way to where I am now but no signal so I kept driving. One spot was great except it was really surrounded by woods and I kept hearing ole Faye telling me not to let a bear get me so.... I moved on!  Found a spot with enough for maybe 4 or 5 RVs, it has Verizon signal and kinda decent view -- if the rain and clouds will stop. It's 1:30pm and kinda early for people to start stopping for the night -- am the only one here now.  Will move on, around 9ish, if no one else parks.  Tomorrow I plan to check into Cantwell RV Park for full hookups (electric, water & sewer) as I need to do laundry and just want electricity for awhile. Gonna stay there 4 nights and plan my return route home.

Off to make lunch -- hot dogs and chips..... yummy!!   Then see what happening things are on the internet.... maybe read up on my soaps (GH, Y&R, B&B) to catch up.  

Alaskan Denali Memorial to WWII

Faye, this was the view from my window at the place I left 'cause I kept hearing you in my thought, "don't let a bear get you"

This is my view now..... from my Pull Off stop -- you can see mountains in the background with lots of low clouds and there is a path for better viewing -- to wet for me to get out now.   Maybe later.

This is how miserable the day is with light rain and no ability to view anything -- this is at a location famous for taking photographs -- you can barely see a mountain peak.  Maybe tomorrow.............

Fellow from Virginia trying his luck fishing -- NO LUCK....

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