Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Sad News..... Things That Weigh on My Mind.

Got a text message from a friend telling me someone I knew a LONG time ago had died. Ya know how sometimes things you hear just weigh heavy on your mind?  I met Carol in my early 30's and she was  maybe 20. She introduced me to one of my dearest friends (Geran) and another I just re-established contact with about a year ago. Without Carol these people would not be in my life now. Just reminds me you never know the footprint you leave in life or impact you make on others.

Just last year I thought about getting up with her just to see where she was in life but, never did. Now.... will never have that chance. I remember she had diabetes, her obituary requested donations to Diabetes Association so I'm assuming her early death, at age 53, was diabetes related.  Makes me sad I let the opportunity to see her again pass by. All I can do is reflect, pray for her family and go on..... 

Not in the mood to write about yesterday's travels to Stewart, Hyder and on to Smithers. Will drop back in later on today and post. 

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  1. So sorry to hear of this loss at such a young age.


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