Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday, July 25.... Still in Prince George, BC

Last night in Prince George and I'm parked, along with a few others, at Wal-Mart as I need groceries. Decided to head east and see Jasper, Lake Louise and Banf again on my way back to the good ole US of A. In hopes the temperatures are cooler in the mountains. I keep hearing how hot and humid it is in NC and Florida -- not looking forward to that. However, if you look at the USA temperature map it's not really much cooler in Montana or either of the Dakotas. 

Meeting my friend Laura at the Cracker Barrel (woo hoo) in Coure d'Alene, Idaho on Saturday. We are both looking forward to eating some good ole CB meals.... me.... it's gonna be chicken and dumplings!  Gosh, just thinking about it..... Plans are 3 more nights in Canada around Lake Louise, AB then cross the border in Idaho.  

Just finished shopping in Wal-Mart and picked up a 26 bottle package of water for what was marked 3.47 -- got to the self checkout and it rang up 3.47 then added 2.60 recycle fee (.10 per bottle)  PLUS another .41 land fill fee. That package of water marked 3.47 was costing me 6.48!!!  Of course, I asked about the fees -- seems all of Canada does this. I hadn't noticed in buying water before. Thinking it was just this area... put the water back. Came to the RV and Googled the fees -- it's in both providences I drive in........ drats....... now I gotta slink back in and buy water as I don't have enough to last until I get to Idaho. Think I'll wait until later this afternoon to do so.

No pictures, just letting you know where I am. If I have Verizon coverage in the mountains around Lake Louise, AB will upload from my trip tomorrow.


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