Saturday, July 1, 2017

It's July Folks..... Still down by the River!

Saturday, July 1st Morning.....  Yesterday, the sun did finally come out - after 5pm

The couple, from Virginia, parked next to me are originally from Poland. I wondered where their thick almost broken accents originated. Anyway, the wife wondered why "Alaska" is the place every wants to come to because after being here, it is just like everywhere else. I giggled as I feel the same way. Each state.... yes, I'm gonna say it again.... has its own beauty. She likes Canada better and gosh.... I think I feel the same way -- the Western part of Canada anyway.  Don't get me wrong.... glad I came to Alaska 'cause I've always wanted to.  It's on most all bucket lists.... and now I wonder why? Other than plain and simple, "it's Alaska".

This place I'm parked by the river is a popular site for week-end families, people with kids and ATV vehicles. Young men with big dogs and ATVs -- and they were still coming in at midnight. It's the week-end and I'm not sure what today will bring as there must be at least 25 ATVs in the area (even though they are all at the other end -- sound carries!. Last night one loner kept riding up and down the bank -- at midnight!  We'll see how today goes if I stay longer here. Might drive through Denali Mountains and find a place to spend a couple of nights there. Am checking into Cantwell RV Park on the 3rd for 4 nights of FULL HOOKUPS.... meaning I will have electricity, water and a place to dump my tanks. After boondocking for 9 days this is a necessity.

Anyway, woke up about 4:30 to RAIN.... Yes...  RAIN!  Rolled over and went back to sleep since the rain keeps the sun out of the windows. Got up at 5:30 and no rain with blue skies, white and dark clouds PLUS the sun! Woo Hoo....  got up, heated the water, took a shower, made coffee put my outside mat down and brought out the chair. Brenda, if you read my blog -- I still use my coffee cup you gave me! It's 6:30 now and I don't see anyone moving around. Lots of RVers, people in tents and a few sleeping in vans. Makes ya wonder..... those not in RVs -- what do they do for "bathroom time"?  Big signs in all places like this not to do your "business" in the woods -- BEARS. I need to get a photo of that sign. 

So I'm up and gonna post this blog since I've not called and checked in with Dianne in a few days (I am fine). Debbie got a new ride so I talked with her yesterday and of course Linda is texting about my mail -- yes, I still have bills to pay.


This Morning with my mat and chair waiting on me! Woo Hoo -- SUN

This is probably 3/4 of the campers this morning -- ATV people are around the bend.

By me and the Folks from Virginia are some bikers that came in about 11ish last night

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