Monday, August 7, 2017

Change In Plans...

Spoke with my niece this mornin, she is leaving her vacation in Florida returning home in Cortez, Colorado sooner than expected. Thankfully, I'm in a part of Colorado that will make visiting her about 600 miles roundtrip out of my exit plans for Colorado. Gonna stay a week or so with her then will use my same route (I-70 & I-64) heading to North Carolina.

Weather here is great!  Nights down in the 40's and highs during the day are mid 70's. Been cloudy a lot with afternoon winds and rain. It's been very peaceful camping on the water for a few days -- at least today is. The week-end had a lot of families that were loud in both voice and music. Will leave here Wednesday morning and head west then south for Cortez. Made reservations in a State Park as Leslie isn't due to be home until the 15th.

Yoda III camped water side

My view from picnic table.

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