Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday, Man.... The Sun Is Up At 4:30am

Waking up at 4:40am (Wal-Mart parking lot along with about 10 other RVs parked for the night) to find the sun up was a little disorienting!  May mean afternoon nap to catch up on sleep. The dark times are getting less and less. After 3 cups of coffee, cranked up Yoda III and headed into town to see what was there. Took a photo of Yoda III at the Mile 0 sign, filled up with gas, had tire pressure check (all needed air), belts checked, new windshield wipers installed and back in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 7:45am.
One thing that surprised me.... pulled into gas station and a girl started walked to the RV as I was getting out. Thought I had done something wrong! She was there to pump my gas. I was so taken aback at the service that I kept trying to "help" - she said she would do the credit card swipe but, I replied I would , it just plain caught me off guard. So I cleaned my windows as she pumped my fuel then told me to have a nice day. 

Checked into Mile 0 RV Park around 10:30am and the high today will be around 68 degrees and a nice breeze -- perfect weather. Yoda III is so dirty outside with mud splashed all over from top and bottom. I did clean the windows at the gas station so the rest can wait until I get to Alaska (or after). Got chicken breasts in the crock pot going for Jane and I tonight. The Gorilla Glue is beginning to come off the windshield (rain and wind I reckon) so I'm gonna scrape off the rest and reapply. 

I appreciate all the prayers from family and friends as the journey continues. Dianne texted me yesterday about how far away I am (and to continue enjoying my trip). Made me more aware of the distance between me and those I care about. Don't like to think of that..... 

Man, I'm gonna need a nap today.

View From Yoda III at Mile 0 RV Park

Yoda III parked and ready for me to take a NAP

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  1. I forgot about the long days I have heard about watching Alaska the Last Frontier going to miss that show. Keep on keeping on. Rest up while your there take naps enjoy.


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