Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Morning Finds Me In Sheridan, Wyoming

June 6th:  Yesterday's little opportunity to deal with an issue helped me continue on my life's journey to learn the practice of patience and accept things as they are and continue onward.  The tire problem is related to one I had last year in Bismark, SD when traveling with my buddy Michelle. Something was wrong with the valve stem and had to be replaced. After taking my tires off this at NebraskaLand Tire to ascertain the situation the fellow came and sat down beside me with, "it's not real good news but it was the valve". Knowing all things can be resolved braced for the worst. He held out his hand with 2 valve stems and said the person who replaced the valve stem last year did NOT take out the bad one..... simply put in a new one. The old one was still in place and now worked itself inside the side and had been rolled around inside the tire as the air came out.  This damaged the inside of the tire..... hence, a new tire needed!! An hour and $199.67 later I was on the road to Cheyenne.  Why you ask, $199.67?  I do NOT scrimp on tires.

I met Jane in Cheyenne and we headed north making it to Sheridan, Wyoming (Wal-Mart) for a night over. Got up at 5:30 this morning and the sun was up..... last night Jane said 9:00 would be a good leaving time for her. We sat outside and talked a bit last night getting to know each other.

Found out yesterday my buddy Michelle's new Lance travel trailer arrived at the dealership to be picked up next week. Am so excited for her.....  perhaps we can meet somewhere in the NW on my return from Alaska.

Made my coffee this morning (thank you solar panels and 1000W inverter) and catching up with emails and such. I truly LOVE driving.... sometimes, Yoda III drifts a little 'cause I'm looking at God's wonderful creations in the distance. Yesterday, was the first seeing snow on mountains in the distance.  Mean looking dark storm clouds making the contrast awesome. Did I say... I love driving.
Today is onward to the first place I am excited to camp. It's North Bootlegger Campground on Lake Elwell a little east of Shelby, MT.  Will add pictures tomorrow.... I promise!  Mainly, 'cause I want everyone to be jealous of where I am. This is Public Lands so it's boondocking (no water or electricity).

Hope everyone is having a good day..... REMEMBER, be thankful for what you have as you will always want more forgetting to give God thanks for what you have.

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  1. I don't blame you for not being cheap on tires. Sorry that last place did such a crappy job with the stem. Wishing you no more problems and a wonderful adventure. Safe Travels


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