Thursday, June 8, 2017

North Bootlegger Campground - Lake Elwell, Montana

After many days of driving long distances, tire issue and oh yeah.... got a crack in the windshield now.... it was GREAT to pull into our camping spot at this incredible BLM (Bureau Land Management meaning Free Public Lands) area.  The entrance road is 9.2 miles of gravel in good shape -- drove about 30mph on most of it. Put some Gorilla Glue on the windshield crack early this morning as it was still moving. Hope it holds.....

Camping area does have vault toilet which I did not use. Pictures never do justice to the beauty of God's creation. Water front spot with water views in all directions. There were other campers in another area but you needed binoculars to see them. No amenities or cell phone service which meant my solar panels provided electricity for coffee, charging laptop and cell phone (could type a text and it would send intermittently sometimes taking over 2 hours to send or receive).  Also, no internet or calls for 41 hours -- was blissful and anxious at the same time. 

When we first arrived I took a photo then walked around for about 30 minutes holding the phone in all directions until I finally got enough signal to zap it on Facebook.  Had to let people see this wonderful place and also know I am alive and well. That was the one and only time I had Facebook access and it was for a total of about 2 minutes.

Didn't get dark until after 10:00pm and when it did it was DARK. Not a light anywhere!!!  Star gazing is wonderful -- never saw so many stars except when I was in the Nevada desert last year. Took a photo of the moon at 9:00pm just to show how light and beautiful it was.

About 11:00 last night saw headlights on the road coming in -- you could headlights then they would disappear then come back then disappear then back again as the road has lots of twists. Vehicle drove to another inlet on one side of us and pitched a small tent using the headlights as a guide.  This morning fellow packed up the tent and left about 10ish -- only it wasn't a fellow it was a girl. I remarked to myself -- now that is spunk!

With no internet or phone service , did housekeeping on Yoda III, read a bit, watched the water fowl with binoculars, sat in the sun watching the boaters, played solitaire on my laptop, tried to nap but couldn't although it felt good just to lie in the breeze off the water.

Left Lake Elwell heading only 20 miles up the road to Shelby, Montana to look for a RV Park having RV hookups, water and dump. Need a hot shower and wash my hair. Checked into Trails West using my Passport America discount for a whopping $18.73 and this place has the best showers I've seen since my RVing began years ago! There a lots of little prairie dogs running around making it interesting to watch. Full hookups, dynamite Park WiFi PLUS a full service hot, all you can eat, breakfast for $6 at the Best Western in next lot.  This girl is happy!!!!

Jane has ventured on to Glacier National Park in order to get her National Park Passport stamped. Having no desire to do that trip again (went last year) am staying in Shelby and we plan to meet up tomorrow at Wal-Mart in Lethbridge (Canada).

Road to Campground - 9.2 miles of gravel

We camped right on the water with wonderful views

The person arriving the night before in the dark

Sunrise -- see the bird flying....

Sunset - View from my door

9:00pm -- still light outside with the almost full moon rising.


  1. I'm enjoying this journey. Great pictures

  2. Reading out loud to Jan as we drive...loving the story. Be safe👍🏼🇺🇸


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