Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Seward..... Rainy 3 days straight

Woke up at Wal-Mart in Wasilla and I have to tell you this was the largest Wal-Mart I've ever seen -- tried to take a photo but could not get it all in from end to end. Regular Super Wal-Mart stores (Live Oak, Zebulon) are about 1/2 the size of this one. It has a Home furnishings department. Anyway, lots of good fruit and veggies!

Drove 175 miles to Seward, in the peninsular, through Anchorage and it was a beautiful drive. Every couple of miles there would be a sign advising a pull off with picture taking view was coming up. After pulling off 3 or 4 times decided if I continued doing that it would take me 1/2 to get to Seward. So, I just enjoyed the view and rambled on down the highway.

At Resurrection Bay, Verizon has service here but, it's only 3G and not strong enough data to do internet (can text and call). Can connect to the internet for about 2 minutes then it will bomb out. Will try to upload this today or tomorrow with 1 or 2 photos (if I can get connection long enough).  Will add more photos when I get better reception. Am parked right on the water.... within 30 minutes briefly saw several seals playing in the bay. Will try to get a photo.

Met up with Laura and her riding companion Patty. Laura's sister, Bonnie, flew in yesterday for 10 days then will fly home. So, it's the 3 of them and me!  ta da....

Tuesday, June 20th: Woke up to rain.... sounds great on Yoda's roof. Looks like the rain is here for the day meaning I'm inside which is not bad at all as I can sit on the couch and watch the activity in the bay. I see the boat tour boats are still running and plans were to take a 7 hour trip to see the whales, seal, etc. However, don't think I would enjoy it on this rainy day so will save that for Homer or Valdez. Fishermen are heading out also -- reckon rain doesn't hold them back. Seals were out playing and I could watch from my couch using binoculars.

Finally stopped raining, sun didn't really shine -- could see blue skies behind big puffy gray clouds in places. Sun hasn't been out enough for my solar panels to do anything so I've have to use my generator to charge to make coffee, use hot water heater, furnace in the mornings (it's quite nippy) and charge my cell/laptop.  Walked to town (bike/walk way from RV campground) and took photos -- a brisk 3 miles there and back. As all Alaska towns on the coast -- tourism is paramount and there are RV campgrounds all over. Just to park (no electricity or water) is $20 nightly -- that's me!!!

We are leaving tomorrow for parts unknown -- I am following Laura and she seems to have made a good plan before coming.  Hopefully, will have cell service but, I bet not enough for internet access. My goal is to keep trying to get this blog online without the photos as they will never send until I get in a better place.  So if you are reading this.... check back to this page later on for the photos.

To my cousin Larry, just wanted to tell you that I've seen a LOT of really old cars and trucks on the highway just cruising along.  You would LOVE it!!!

Just spoke with Laura and they want to spend 2 more nights here (it's is so relaxing to view the Bay activity) as "supposedly" the sun is coming out sometime tomorrow.  I'm just as happy as a bug in a rug! Made me couple cups of coffee and gonna sit here and watch the seals play. It is 5:55pm and if the clouds don't move much at least it will be dark around 11ish.... Got my fingers crossed!

Three young women just pulled up beside me, judging them to be in early to mid 20's and not speaking English (I'm sure they can speak English otherwise as they are renting an RV). Made me think of myself at that age..... yes, I would take off on an adventure as this -- now, at 66 am much more cautious. Sometimes, I miss that 25-30 year old Patsy -- she was invincible!

Coming out of Anchorage you have this wonderful view.

Another view coming out of Anchorage.... You could stop at every bend in the road and take photos but it would take you forever getting anywhere -- so I stopped.

A memorial on the walkway in Seward

I walked on the Iditarod Trail -- no snow or sled dogs today!

Simple yet elegant Memorial

Names of Lost Souls inside the Memorial

More names of those Lost at Sea

How wonderful --- A bench in Mom's Memory (at least to me).

Seward's City RV Park -- this is a small part of it ($20 nightly to park with no water or electricity)

Honor on granite for Research Vessels Crew

Small part of the harbor

More of the harbor

Rain or shine the fishermen head out around 5:30am

Wednesday Cruise ship leaving at 6pm -- Seward would not survive without tourism

Thursday 5:30am another cruise enters the bay

Cruise ship has to turn around in the bay and back in to the harbor

Took me FOREVER to get a good photo of seals -- they were playing everywhere!!


  1. Sounds marvelous to be parked next to the water drinking coffee and watching the seals play

  2. Love the pics, wishing I could pop in and have a cup of coffee with ya and watch the boats. Beautiful scenery. What happen to the other traveling companion, Jane, was it?? Jan and I planned a motor home trip to Alaska and then the gas prices rocketed and then we started our trike trips. Still haven't made it to Alaska. But will go to Banff and Glacier this August. We went to Nova Scotia on our trike a few years ago. It was a great trip. I'm thinking you are a brave soul to venture off by yourself, (well with God too) not sure I'd be brave enough. Take care. I enjoy your post


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