Monday, June 19, 2017

Whitehorse to Wasilla, Alaska -- LONG day driving

Drove about 750 miles today from Whitehorse into Alaska and down to Wasilla (home of Sarah Palin). Lost another hour of time. I figure the soon meeting up with the new group was top on my agenda. We are meeting in Seward tomorrow. I have good Verizon coverage in Wasilla and think it will be good to Seward.

A beautiful drive..... roads were horrible.... the worst I have ever been on.  Before getting to Alaska there were several places of one lane dirt construction sites for both coming and going traffic.  There is a photo below.

Am tired so this is it for the day.  Hopefully, tomorrow will begin a new adventure.

This young thing was with a group and as soon as I took this they fled. Have no idea what this is.

Taken right before Haines Junction. My view of the morning

View right before enter Alaska

Debbie this is for you -- Open Range... Horses everywhere

One lane dirt construction area -- see the truck coming my way. Nobody was directing traffic on Sunday.


  1. I've always heard about the bad roads which is caused by permafrost. But the scenery is still so gorgeous.

  2. Great pics! The animal is a female elk. Slow down and enjoy what's around each bend.


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