Saturday, June 17, 2017

Liard Hot Springs to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Woke up at 5:30.... this seems to be the new normal for me. Made coffee, walked down to the hot springs boardwalk (yes, it was not dark.... at all) to see if there were any moose in the area. No. Sat around in the RV until close to 7:00 and wanted to get on the road. Talked with Jane and told her I wanted to head out in hopes of seeing some wildlife along the way. We agreed to meet in Watson's Lake.

On the way to Watson's Lake I saw more bears.... I am over see bears and bison -- they are everywhere. Am wanting to see moose and caribou now.  Also, on the way to Watson's Lake I got 2 more rock hits on the windshield making it 1 crack and 2 rock hits that I pray will not start to spider out.  Poor Yoda III -- just hope the windshield holds up until I return home.

Visited the Sign Post Village in Watson's Lake... In 1942 While working on the Al-Can Highway Private Carl K. Lindley from Company D, 341st Army of Engineers was injured and taken to the Army Aid Station in Watson Lake to recuperate. During that time Carl’s commanding officer got him to repair and repaint the directional post. While Carl was carrying out this task he decided to add his home town sign of DANVILLE, ILLINOIS. He was aware of the tradition that he started and what is now known as the World Famous Signpost Forest. The village has more than 72,000 signs up from all over the world -- each year they are recounted.  I walked through the village and found a UF Gator sign.... had to take a picture!

Met Jane and she wanted to stay in Watson's Lake to see a slide show as well as a few other things so we agree to meet in Whitehorse Saturday or Sunday. 

Arrived at the Wal-Mart in Whitehorse (you can stay 2 nights here) and settled in along with about 15-20 other RVers coming or going to Alaska.

As of today, my adventure has taken me 4,387 miles.  Tomorrow is finding a laundry to wash clothes, clean up Yoda (inside -- there is no hope for the outside without heavy duty cleaning).  Alaska is a day away!!!

And now it IS tomorrow.....  actually slept 'til about 6:40am. Cloudy with forecast of light rain off and on. Found a Laundromat and did 2 loads of clothes at $3.00 a load plus drying. Was going downtown to the Visitor's Center and see the sights but not in drizzling rain. Jane texted she is on her way to Whitehorse today. 

Trying to decide if going to Skagway the ferry over to Haines is a good idea. There is a 11% grade on this road making it very steep so I would go but would rather pay the $150 to ferry to Haines than drive back up the steep grade that is long (several off road ramps for those with brakes getting hot). Both routes end up in the same location.... Haines Junction but the ferry will have less wear and tear on Yoda III. A girl that is going that way today said she would facebook me about the grade.

Oh yeah, found ANOTHER chip in my windshield.... although smaller than the 2 new ones from yesterday. So the count is now 1 crack, 3 chips!!

Blogger is NOT letting me add photos.  Will go ahead and publish for reading then come back in and edit to see if that will let me add.

Road conditions may be bad but the views are WONDERFUL  

Bison (Buffalo)

Bison own the road -- ya just have a slow down

And of course, there are baby bison

I noticed the cemeteries -- finally took a photo, wooden crosses and no headstones like we have in the USA

My 2nd Moose -- but, first I could get a photo of

A GATOR in the Sign Post Village

There is no way to get a good photo of the Sign Village -- rows and rows.

Bridge at Teslin, YT -- doesn't look it -- it is NARROW.

Of course, when we entered the YUKON TERRITORY.

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