Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dawson Creek to Ft. Nelson

Left Mile 0 RV Park about 9:15am heading up the Alaskan Highway with a goal of 175 miles to Buckinghorse River Provincial Park. Weather forecast is rain late today and tomorrow in this region so it'll be 2 nights boondocking on Buckinghorse River (and I just love the name). Dark clouds moved in on the drive raining from time to time (thank you new windshield wipers).

Stopped to see the Pan Man wood statue, historic canoe and visitor's center at Taylor, BC. Taylor is home to World Gold Panning Championship annually. The photo of the canoe celebrates a 5,400 journey by canoe made in 1793 searching for the Northwest Passage. To give an idea of the distance, from LIve Oak here is 2,000 miles less than that canoe trip. 

Arriving at the Park, around 1:00pm, we were the only campers here. Got a good site backing up to the river. Laying in my bed the wonderful rhythmic sounds of water rushing by makes good sleeping. I know 'cause a nap was in order when the rain started in. The pitter patter of rain on the roof plus river sounds -- it was great to lie there listening but, that didn't last long as I fell asleep. When I awoke, six other campers had arrived and setup so it was time to get out and meet the neighbors. Found out we left Dawson Creek at a good time as others leaving 2 hours later went through some bad hail.

Taking the time to get my charge slips in Quicken I notice you are charge 5 cent extra if you want plastic bags at a grocery store (it's either that or you bring your own bags). Interesting.....  As I was typing this, there was a knock on my door. It is 8:45am and a neighbor was pulling out and hadn't seen me outside this morning (mind you it is lightly raining off and on). They were a tad concerned and wanted to be sure I was ok before leaving the campground. You meet the nicest people RVing.  Anyway, back to my other thoughts. There is no Verizon service so no phone (and of course internet) but, the area is so quiet and pretty. Gonna be a day to do some housekeeping, reviewing charges as I enter them in Quicken and probably be surprised at how much I've spent already. 

Will leave in the morning on our way to ...... who knows where. Will stop in Ft. Nelson as I think they have Verizon service. If so, will spend time to upload this blog, check my email, make some calls, send some text and post on Facebook.  Goodness, what did I do before cell, wifi and social media?

Drove on to Ft. Nelson where I am sitting in the parking lot of the visitor's center to finish this then post on my blog. Have Verizon now but, who knows if I will tonight. We are going to try and camp at Toad River.

Jane's camper.... see the bad storm coming in.

Yoda III parked for the night - river right behind me

Buckinghorse River behind Yoda III

Visitor's Center in Taylor, BC

Gold Pan Statue

Canoe Replica

Information on the Canoe Sir Alexander Mackenzie


  1. So enjoying this trip with your and the pictures are great. Hope you don't hit any really bad storms.

  2. I'm enjoying your journey almost as much as you are. You're seeing some things I missed on my trip up the AK highway.


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