Saturday, June 17, 2017

And Plans Fly Out The Window....

Jane has decided to head north to Dawson City and I don't want to take that route so tomorrow we are parting ways. Family and friends... do not fret as I will not be alone long! Gonna meet up with another RVer in the southern coastal part of Alaska for 10-20 days. 

Leaving early in the morning and will cross over to Alaska and probably will take me 3 days to meet up with Laura.  Will try to check in as best I can with spotty cell service.

Life is good..... God is good.... and I am having a great time!

Edited to add a photo of my Wal-Mart view at Whitehorse.... and this was just taken.... at 9:50pm!  This is the nicest Wal-Mart I've stayed at - for the view!

Taken at 9:50pm -- sun will shine at least 'til 11:00pm

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