Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wasilla..... Again!

Once again, I'm parked in Wasilla's HUGE Wal-Mart along with several other RVers. And.... once again.... the sun is NOT shining!!  Every once in a while a few sprinkles will fall, other than that... it is just cloudy with low lying clouds making it impossible to see the mountains. If I stayed here until the weather was nice enough to get out and take pictures well, I think I'd be here for a LONG time.

This morning had the oil and filter changed in Yoda III. You can't see from the photo below all the dirt clogging up the filter but, believe me there was gobs... just gobs.... plus the bees that got sucked in. Whole deal cost $87.  And that brings me to the cost of things in Alaska!!! Don't know what people get paid around here..... I couldn't afford to retire here! My little trip inside Wal-Mart for groceries for upcoming 12 days before hitting Fairbanks cost a little over $64 and I still had lots inside the RV before going inside to shop. Evidently, they haven't heard of DUKES mayonnaise.... hurt my feelings to pay for something else! And the cost of grapes..... don't get me started -- I didn't buy any. Did get bananas and little tomatoes (thanks Dianne for  turning me on to those).

Tomorrow I head out toward Fairbanks which is only 318 miles. If you pay attention to the paragraph above, you're probably wondering why is it going to take you 12 days to do 318 miles?  Well, about half way I'm staying in a campground for 4 nights and the rest will be staying in road side viewing/parking areas that Alaska has for tourism (to sit and stare at the awesome beautify) and living off my solar panels.  Image below shows that the road I'll be taking has Verizon coverage most of the way to Fairbanks -- so keep looking for my blog to update!

Like I said before.... Alaska is EXPENSIVE and to stay longer than I've recalculated would be to sit in campgrounds costing $50-60 a night and I see absolutely NO reason for me to do that. Plus, I'm kinda anxious to get back in the Yukon and Canada. I keep saying Alaska is beautiful but, Canada is just as pretty!

In Canada and Alaska are A&W Root Beer establishments. Haven't seen any with the drive up like Live Oak had in my growing up years. However, they are all the same colors and I broke down and got an ice cold mug of root beer and chili dog as I'm always been able to remember the taste.  I remember Mom would come home for lunch, (she worked at Sears) and take us (reckon, it was me and Dianne) to there for lunch sometimes as a treat. Yep, it was the same and I was in MEMORY HEAVEN enjoying that meal.

I'm by myself traveling now and that seems to suit me just fine. 

My BEFORE Filter..... see the bees!

Verizon Coverage as I drive up the 2 LANE highway 3 then over to 2 to leave Alaska

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