Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Still in Anchorage.... and of course.... it RAINED!!!

Tuesday, June 27th....  Late yesterday I got a call from Laura -- they were on their way to Cabelas for the night. Today, we all decided to go to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center (about 40 miles away). We walked around in light rain, lots of wind and it was cold but.... we wanted to see the animals. Most of the animals were hunkering down in the weather so it was hard to get photos of them doing much.

That's all I did today. Came back for another night at Cabelas and made chicken and rice. Tomorrow am headed to Wasilla.  Keeping my fingers crossed the sun will shine!

Bison/Buffalo -- Every place seems to have buffalo.  South Dakota was the best place to see buffalo.

Gift Shop -- didn't buy anything but little cute expensive stuff.

Animal Hospital -- and this one LOOKED sick!!!

Red Fox in the Hospital

Alaskan MuskOx -- 34 were brought in from Greenland in 1930 as there were no more in Alaska -- now state wide there are over 2,500

Santa's Reindeer-- or actually Sitka Black Tail Deer -- as you can see even they don't like being out in the rain!

Another shot of the lazy deer.

Talk about a pose!  I assure you this is a real deer!!

Bear -- doesn't look that big but he was BIG

How would you like getting swipped by these bear claws!!


Have no idea what these are but, Alaska sure has 'em EVERYWHERE

Look at the size of the antlers!!

Forgot where these are.....

More Santa's Deer -- never understand difference in Reindeer and Santa's Deer.

And these fellows are the same as the huge antlers.

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