Monday, June 26, 2017

Anchorage.... And A Big Bill....

Today is Monday, June 26th and I find myself in Anchorage for the night. Spent 2 nights in Kenai leaving early this morning as my generator has stopped running and I needed to find service for it. 

Found Cummins Onan Service (my generator is an Onan so that is about the best place you can go). Sat around for a little over 6 hours to determine the problem and fix. Good news is the generator is not broken so the thought pattern was a loose wire (happens a lot on these Alaskan roads). Technician followed wires for an hour or so then it ended up being the 40 amp breaker needed replacing. Bottom line it cost $469.04 and $350 of that was the standard cost for troubleshooting a generator. Good thing I added $1,000. in my budget for vehicle expenses. This plus the new tire in Nebraska is getting me close to that mark.

Staying overnight at Cabelas along with about 10 other RVers.  Cabelas really caters to RVers in their parking lot and I love to go in their stores. Tomorrow I plan to see some of Anchorage before deciding what to do next.

Laura and her group are heading to back toward the coast (where it is forecasted to rain) then slowly head back home. I'm fine on my own as there are always other RVers where I camp or spend the night.  

Gonna take it slow driving north through Wasilla (again) then Talkeetna then Denali Mountains then on to Fairbanks and NORTH POLE. Gotta have Santa send something back with me for Rosie and Shane. After that the road is out of Alaska and from here around that loop and to the border is only 681 miles. 

Don't think it will take more than 2 weeks to cover that -- if the sun is shinning making it enjoyable. Those who tour and find sunny days to do so are lucky (reckon, it's the time of the season for coastal rain). 

Yoda III getting generator fixed

Bakery in Soldotna -- 11 miles from Kenai

Overcast driving to Anchorage this morning

What's left for me in Alaska -- there are no side roads like there are in the "Lower 48" so it's the main road for me from here to the border then a long trip through Canada heading toward Washington and Oregon.

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  1. Have heard the roads are really bad in Alaska, Jan always said we'd have to trade our motor home when we got back from that trip cause it would beat it up bad. But we haven't made it there yet. In the future maybe.. Glad they fixed your problem.👍🏼 Keep warm up there with all that snow. Tell Santa hi 😉


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