Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mile Marker 0 - Dawson Creek

Sunday, June 11 finds me at another Wal-Mart. Drove to Dawson Creek, British Columbia this morning.... in the rain... (been raining for 2 days now).  Took the scenic route, even in the rain, it was shorter and I just like scenic routes. About 284 miles and here I sit, middle of the afternoon, until tomorrow morning. Have reservations at Mile 0 RV Park (about 5 miles from here) and I am gonna stay in Dawson Creek until the sun shines again!!!

Dawson Creek is Mile Marker 0 on the Alaskan Highway and going to 1,420 in Delta Junction. Still a long way getting to Alaska.  And now I am 3 hours behind my eastern folks.

Banff and the Ice Fields are awesome. Here are a few photos from there. Not a long post, am tired and gonna take a nap on this rainy Sunday.

Coming out of Jasper National Park 

View behind where I parked

Ice Field - you can barely see the black dots of the bus that will take you up to the Glacier/Fields

Just another pretty view

You can take pictures forever....

Leaving the National Park

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  1. OMG! Breath taking already. Stay warm and safe can't wait for more pictures


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