Sunday, June 4, 2017

First little setback! Tire problem....

Today started off in Ogallas, Nebraska Wal-Mart as good - nice cool (50 degrees) crisp morning at 6:15 when I started making my coffee. While coffee was brewing went inside Wal-Mart to use the facilities then do my usual walk around the RV checking things. One of the tires looked like it needed air and made a mental note to check on that before getting back on the interstate.

Had breakfast and drove to a truck stop about a block away. Lady at service desk was a tad rude when I asked if someone there could check my tire. Rather than deal with her I left, prayed a bit, and got on the interstate heading to Sidney, Nebraska (45 miles away). God was certainly my CoPilot on this stretch!

At Sidney pulled into a Love's Truck Stop and they were so nice. Young fellow crawled under the RV and said my inside tire didn't have any air in it making the outside tire carrying all the weight. He couldn't find a puncture and said it appears the valve steam was causing the problem.  He filled both tires in hopes it would last me until tomorrow morning.

This valve stem problem happened last year after my local tire place rotated the tires. I had the tires rotated again before this trip.  You can best believe I will NOT take my RV back to that company again!!!

Anyway, Love's only works on semi  trucks and it's a Sunday so, once again, I am sitting at a Wal-Mart waiting to be the first in line tomorrow morning at NebraskaLand Tire Company (about 4 miles from here). 

It has been a hot day this afternoon.  Sun is going down and hopefully I can sleep.  Jane and I will meet tomorrow and begin the journey..... Tomorrow.......

Good note to others, always check your tires every day without fail. 


  1. Hope this will be an easy fix and cheap too. Sounds like your really covering some road these past few days. Stay Safe

  2. Well it's better to get those setbacks done right off the bat... then you can commence having a good time!

  3. Glad that situation didn't go bad, really bad. Tires are my biggest concern, especially those inside ones. I now know to use a hand held digital thermometer and a club to hit the tires (or a bad guy if necessary).

    Stay safe and enjoy the journey. I'm taking my Alaska trip via your blog.


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