Friday, June 23, 2017

Homer, Ninilchik and Just Thinking....

Left Seward yesterday and drove 168 miles to Homer. Man, what a mad house of people!  The "Spit" is the last long strand of land (about 3 miles) ending at the southern most point of Alaska. It is built for tourism, full of restaurants, gift shops, bars and parking. Not enough parking for the amount of crowds -- would probably have been fun in my 20's maybe 30's but not now. Could not imagine how rowdy it will get as time get closer to midnight. People were all over the place, crossing the road without looking, just not for me.

So, we left Homer driving 27 miles to Ninilchik then checking into All Season Campground with full hookups (electricity, water, laundry and place to dump tanks) using one of my camping discount cards. It's very rural and aren't many other RVers here, we will stay 2 nights before moving back up toward Soldotna.

Am able to get 9 channels on my tv and watched news for first time since leaving on my trip. Campground offers good WiFi allowing me to catch up on blogging and cruise the internet. However, Verizon is not good here --c an send texts but no call without calls being dropped. Internet is a big bonus for me!

Been thinking of this trip. At first, considered staying at least 2 months in Alaska. Now, not so sure. Every state I've RV'd in for the past 4 years offers wonderful scenery to admire. Alaska is no different. Having said that.... it is a lot of the same thing. Have had several people killed by bears in some of the areas -- hikers, runners, etc. which made the news here. One happened about a mile (last week) from where my new camping buddy (Laura) was camping. So, sitting outside in rural areas makes me leary.

Alaska traveling route is almost one big circle then down south to see the coastal areas. Most people I've talked with stay a week or so at each location -- the max for me is 3 days. Don't like to be there just to be there. Doing the coastal part first then make the circle loop before heading out down to western part of Canada into Washington and Oregon. 

Alaska is wonderful..... Colorado is wonderful...... Utah is wonderful..... can't want to see Oregon and Washington.

Road at "The Spit" -- had to sit and wait what seemed like forever to get a shot without people or vehicles.

Leaving Homer -- people live right on the edge and regular houses (not million dollar deals)

Makes ya wonder... this house sits at the end of this cliff, then water and and mountains in the background. Can't imagine winter... covered in snow and the wind blowing in off the Kachemak Bay, on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Laura and my camping spots -- early this morning -- cloudy no sun.

Notice this porch has corner posts carved into bears -- will try to get a better shot.

Nice rustic buildings in campground -- large one WAS a restaurant -- closed.

Office, cabins for rents and closed restaurant.  Cool additions on the campground.

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