Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Is it May already?

Gosh, only 29 days before the Alaskan Adventure begins!  Plan to leave North Carolina on the 14th heading back to Florida for my annual cancer checkup appointment then ready Yoda III for the trip.  Only have about 5 things left on my "to buy" list which includes renew my prescriptions for the trip. 

Ronnie and I tested my new Midland handheld CB unit and antenna. Was happy with the 3 miles of good clear reception and in hopes of another mile after I tune the antenna with the SWR meter.  Need to increase my Verizon Data Plan to unlimited (free Canada coverage) and the Adventure connectivity will be as good as it's gonna get.

Did I say..... only 29 days left -- after I get back to Florida it will fly by with lots to do.   


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