Wednesday, May 17, 2017

To Cut or Not To Cut -- More Importantly, Can I Afford It?

Seems like I've been planning this trip for a LONG time and it's only 2 weeks away. Ran my generator for an hour yesterday and made a "to do" list for each day until I leave. 

My neighbor had a huge tree taken down yesterday and the guys worked 10 hours in his yard. Made me think again about taking down the HUGE tree in my back yard so I asked for an estimate. Power lines go through the tree and it hangs over my RV shed making it tricky to accomplish (increasing the cost). Asked for a couple estimates ranging from entire tree to cutting some of the big limbs facing my house. This is MY tree!

It's hot and humid in Florida and it's only the middle of May. Looking forward to cooler nights as I head toward Canada and Alaska.

Woo Hoo -- 14 more days!!! 

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