Friday, May 26, 2017

Best Diet Progam EVER.....

Last Monday morning, started feeling queasy and decided it was due to me skipping breakfast. Evidently, that wasn't it as by early afternoon I was in bed feeling nauseated in hopes if I were still it would go away. Again, I was wrong! 

By 4pm the flood gates opened with diarrhea and throwing up.  By 10pm (and time was so slow I thought it was closer to 5am the next morning instead of only 10pm) I had taken 3 showers and no relief. Luckily my trusty housemate/cousin/best helper in bad times, Linda went to the store for Gatorade to keep me hydrated.  Bottom line..... in 24 hours I lost 6 pounds!!!  Best diet program ever.... if you have the stomach for it (literally).

More to come later....... feeling better but still not great. Lost 4 days in getting ready for Alaska trip. Today will slowly begin again.   

Oh yeah, still waiting on tree man to give me estimates on cutting down the monster tree in my back yard.

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  1. Sure happy your feeling better and yes that is one hell of a diet.


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