Friday, May 12, 2017

Leaving Lizard Lick

Last day in Lizard Lick, going over to Wake Forest this afternoon to spend the week-end with my sister, Dianne, and family. We are celebrating her birthday, her daughter's (Christina) birthday tomorrow night with Mike (Christina's husband) cooking the celebration meal.  Sunday, will drive back home to Live Oak then take 2 weeks getting ready for my Alaskan RV Trip.

Spoke with my Alaska travel partner, Jane, yesterday for the first time. Chatted about things we wanted to do (or not do) on the trip - it was good to put a voice to her. She has another traveling friend that might be able to get her life in order in time to travel to Alaska with us.

It's a damp cool day in Lizard Lick with a storm going through last night and rain expected this afternoon. Not looking forward to dumping the 5th wheel before heading over to Dianne's house. Only drawback with staying in the 5th wheel when I visit -- ya gotta dump about every 7 or so days.

Promised to mow the grass around the RV day before I left and I'm  waiting on the grass to dry just a little or at least the sun to come out.  It's noon and the sun hasn't made an appearance yet. This may be one promise I can't keep as the grass is not just damp it is WET.

Here is a photo of my 5th wheel taken last winter (brown grass).... It's nice and comfortable for me.

 Alaskan Adventure - Only 19 days to go...... beginning to get pumped again!!!

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