Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Raining, Raining, Raining

It's been raining softly for 2 days in North Carolina, lots of flooding in downtown Raleigh and outlying areas. Reminds me of when I lived here for 40 years. Got my Midland handheld CB and Wilson antenna over the week-end now waiting on the SWR meter to arrive (then have Ronnie show me how to tune the antenna).

Jane has been busily getting reflectix measured and cut for the windows in her truck topper reminding me to do this for the bedroom area windows in Yoda III. My "to do" list is growing for the 2 weeks I'll be in Florida before heading out on the trip.

Got the results from my colonoscopy and looks like I'm gonna start having it done every 3 years now -- drats!!!  Was in hopes of another 10 or maybe 5 year waiting period.  As we age things change and body maintenance becomes paramount for healthier living. Next hurdle is my bladder cancer annual checkup May 25th.

36 days and counting down.... 

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  1. Oh the golden years you know they lied right its gold colored brass and mine is fading fast. LOL.

    I will do the same with the windows if I do any winter camping around Tucson next season. Makes a big difference


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