Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Posting from Lizard Lick, NC

Drove to North Carolina (SUV not RV) Sunday to spend April and probably first week in May here visiting family and friends. Left Florida when I was 21 moving to NC and stayed 39 years living in Lizard Lick, Raleigh and Wake Forest. 

In 2012, moved back to Florida and shuttle between NC and Florida as I love both places. Spend November through 1st part of January in Lizard Lick and Wake Forest and again in Spring (like now) for another month or so. Rest of the year I travel or am in Florida.

Weather is a little cooler here than in Florida. Thinking ahead... only 57 more days until I begin my Alaskan Adventure. Plans are still up in the air as to my travel partners. People are fickle...  Spending my days now watching worker-bees tear down a pasture fence then install new posts and wire -- interesting to watch from my deck.

It's such a relaxing day..... I might just take a nap!

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  1. Sounds like your in a wonderful place for relaxing. I can't wait for your road trip. Making plans with others can be a pain. Good Luck


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