Sunday, April 9, 2017

Throwing It To The Wind....

Happy Sunday and it is a BEAUTIFUL day in NC, absolutely Springtime at its best. My sister gave me a copy of The Story - the Bible as one continuing story of God and His people (selections from NIV) to read then listen to videos about each chapter. Thought to myself.... just another "Bible Book" and was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy chapter 1. Am going to look forward to this study!

My Alaskan travel partners have fizzled out.... toyed with the idea and doing it alone. Don't mind the driving alone (traveled solo, as a software trainer, for a decade all over the USA). It's just there are times you (I) want companionship to enjoy the view with from time to time. Just when I was at the point of putting the trip off to 2018.... met (Facebook travel group) Jane!  And Jane is excited as I am about heading North to Alaska (she has a son and family living there).

So, as I told my friend Michelle.... Am throwing it to the wind..... if she goes with me, I will go. If she drops out then the Powers That Be will guide me to something else and not Alaska. That's it.... DONE.... FINISHED!

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